Zirei Israel specializes in the development, production, and marketing of cotton varieties in Israel.
In addition, Zirei Israel operates a plant for cotton ginning (separating cotton fibers from the seeds), and is also engaged in the commercial growth of 420 acres of long fiber cotton (pima).

Zirei Israel was established as an agricultural start-up company at the beginning of 1999 by Ido Tal, a member of Kibbutz Shefayim. At its inception, the company acquired the cottonseed cultivation and production of Kibbutz Neve Eitan in the Beit Shean Valley, and has since expanded its areas of operation and greatly increased the scope of its activities in each field.

Zirei Israel is the leading company in Israel for the cultivation and development of cotton varieties.
Its market share fluctuates between 70-80% of the entire cottonseed market in Israel, from Dan in the north to Mishmar Hanegev in the south. As a comparison, prior to the acquisition of Kibbutz Neve Eitan’s cotton
operations the company’s market share was only 11%.

The company’s long-fiber cotton varieties belong to the group of the finest quality cotton in the world.
The varieties in this group, which constitutes 3% of the world’s entire cotton market, are characterized,
amongst other attributes, by shine, smoothness, a delicate silky feel and high durability, and are used for producing satin and similar luxurious fabrics.

Zirei Israel’s growth is the result of extensive investment in two main areas: groundbreaking R&D and active marketing. In the field of R&D, Zirei Israel develops the finest and strongest varieties with improved resistance to leaf diseases and various damaging environmental conditions. The result of using such varieties is significantly increased yields and economic returns for growers. Zirei Israel’s innovative thinking can be seen in marketing too, where it has implemented a highly efficient system of communication with farmers. This system includes the supply of periodic data sheets that survey activities in the global cotton market, the organization of professional seminars, the use of advanced communication technology and more.

Zirei Israel’s credo emphasizes innovation and originality.
This is the root of the company’s consistent development in the cotton market in Israel.