Polycad Industries
at Shefayim specializes in developing and producing durable plastic packaging for industrial and consumer products in four main fields including food, chemicals and detergents, cosmetics and toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. The company utilizes the finest packaging materials and production technologies,
including blow molding, injection molding, and injection blow-molding.

The Polycad plant, which is fully owned by Kibbutz Shefayim, was established in 1972 and became a limited liability company in 1989. The company includes research and development, production, design, quality control, sleeve printing and labeling divisions. All of Polycad Industries’ packaging products meet the strictest
international standards, including ISO 9002, American FDA authorization for food packaging, the Technion laboratories’ standards and the UN’s safety standards for transmitting and storing hazardous liquids.
Additionally, Polycad has exclusive knowledge-sharing agreements with leading mold producers in Israel,
Japan and Europe.

Polycad’s distinctiveness lies in its integration of innovative technology and organizational strength. This combination enables Polycad to supply unique and comprehensive packaging solutions, from the initial development stage to the final product according to customer requirements, all under one roof: the optimal solution for each product and every need.

The company’s clients include some of Israel’s leading companies such as Tnuva, Strauss, Sano,
Superpharm, Dr. Fischer, Unilever Israel, Osem, Prigat, Careline, Zohar Dalia and many more.
Polycad Industries has earned the loyalty of these clients and many others by providing the best quality
solutions in durable plastic packaging in Israel.