Kibbutz Shefayim was established in 1927 by a group of young adults and youth movements from Eastern Europe. Members of this group, which was nicknamed “Pluga,” lived in Herzliya and made a living mainly from laboring in the surrounding orchards. In 1935, the members relocated to the present location of the kibbutz,
which is approximately 6 km northwest of Herzliya, on the Coastal Highway close to the Mediterranean Sea.

The name of Kibbutz Shefayim comes from the biblical Book of Isaiah, Chapter 41, Verse 18, “I will open rivers in high places.” Shefayim was one of 18 Palmach bases during the pre-statehood period. At that same time, the kibbutz members made great efforts to bring immigrants to the Land of Israel by way of the Shefayim beach and prevent conflict between the settlers of the Sharon region and Arab residents. Along with their contribution to the Zionist cause and their activities in averting ceaseless security threats, the kibbutz members dedicated themselves to developing the land and planting the seeds that would assure a flourishing future.

After five generations of redeeming the land and fostering the community, today Kibbutz Shefayim is home
to approximately 1,000 people who represent a multicolored and vibrant society with kibbutz members actively involved in various regional, educational and community projects.